The photo studio is equipped with up-to-date professional facilities
of world best companies. The studio engineering technique meets
requirements of world most demanding photographers:

Camera&back– Sinar p3; Linhof 45; Hasselblad H2; Mamiya ZD;
Leica M8
backs: Sinar
Day light– ARRI; Dedolight; KinoFlo
Flash light– Broncolor; Bacht
Grip– IFF; Monfrotto; Foba
The studio is equipped with IFF suspension systems and
all necessary stands, fixtures, frames, colour backgrounds, accessories, Apple graphic workstations, Epson
broadsheet printer.

The studio also owns an open-air lot with solar illumination. Additional premises and services are provided for work: a design studio, a meeting room with a plasma-panel display, a kitchen, a WC-and-bathroom unit, a place to prepare clothes and make-up, Wi-Fi network.
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More details are available at:
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